Domestic Market:
Xia Dongliang +86-13906127738
Foreign Market:
John Chiang +86-15961106108


Dimethyl adipate

Categories: Ester
Product Name: Dimethyl adipate

CAS No.: 627-93-0
Structural Formula: 

Product Introduction: Dimethyl adipate, produced by our company with advanced technology introduced from Shanghai, can take the place of imported product and reagent products with special design, shortest production process process route and lowest cost. Widely used in organic synthesis,plasticizer etc..


Item Index Value
Appearance Colorless transparent oily liquid
Molecular Formula C8H14O4
Ester content ≥ 99.00%
Density (d420) g/cm3 1.514
Acid salt tolerance = 6
Water content ≤ 0.10 %

Physicochemical property: Colorless transparent oily liquid,melting point:10~11°C, boiling point:115°C(1.73KPa), Density(d204)1.063, refractive index: 1.4283. Flash point:107°C, soluble in alcohol, ether. Insoluble in water. 

Extinguishing methods: Put out a fire with froth, carbon dioxide, dry powder and sand soil. 

Packing & storage: Packed in metal pail, stored in enamelware, Pay attention to the fire. Transported according to the common inflammable chemicals. NW:200kg for per pail.

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Domestic Market: Xia Dongliang, Mob: +86-13906127738
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Foreign Market: John Chiang, Mob: +86-15961106108
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