Domestic Market:
Xia Dongliang +86-13906127738
Foreign Market:
John Chiang +86-15961106108


Glycine tert butyl ester hydrochloride

Categories: Amino acid 
Product Name: Glycine tert butyl ester hydrochloride

CAS No.: 27532-96-3
Structural Formula: 

Product Introduction: This product is developed by us with an advanced process, unique design, shortest manufacturing process line, lowest cost etc. It enjoys good developing prospect, widely applicable to pharmachemical industry with good product exporting markets.

Quality Index:

Item Index
Appearance White powder crystal
Molecular Formula C6H13NO2HCL
Loss on Drying ≤ 0.8%
Melting Point 136°C-144°C
Free Acid ≤ 0.8%
Content (AgNO2) 98-102%
Water 0.1%

Property: White powder crystal with the melting point of 136°C-144°C. 

Storage and Transportation: Stored at dark, cool warehouses, far away from fire, heating sources, not allowable to be exposed to direct sunlight, and kept in sealed containers. 

Package: In cardboard drums of 25 kg capacity.

Add: 3# Hengluolu, Henglin town, Changzhou, China, 213101
Domestic Market: Xia Dongliang, Mob: +86-13906127738
Tel: +86-519-88783621 E-mail: [email protected]
Foreign Market: John Chiang, Mob: +86-15961106108
Tel: +86-519-88721665 E-mail: [email protected]
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