Domestic Market:
Xia Dongliang +86-13906127738
Foreign Market:
John Chiang +86-15961106108


Ethyl bromoacetate

Categories: Ester
Product Name: Ethyl bromoacetate

CAS No.: 105-36-2
Structural Formula: 


Item Index Value
Appearance Colorless transparent or light yellow liquid
Molecular Formula BrC4H7O2
Ester content ≥ 99.00%
Density(13°C)g/cm3 1.514
Boiling point 168~169°C
Chorma ≤ 50
Water content ≤ 0.10 %

Physicochemical property: Colorless to straw yellow transparent liquid with strong lacrimation. Relative density:1.514(13°C), melting point:-4°C. Boiling point:158.8°C, refractive index: 1.451. Vapor density: 5.8. Insoluble in water. Can be dissolved together with alcohol, ether and carbon tetrachloride. 

Extinguishing method: Put out a fire with froth, carbon dioxide, dry powder and sand soil. 

Packing: Packed in metal plastic pail, NW: 250kg per pail.

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Domestic Market: Xia Dongliang, Mob: +86-13906127738
Tel: +86-519-88783621 E-mail: [email protected]
Foreign Market: John Chiang, Mob: +86-15961106108
Tel: +86-519-88721665 E-mail: [email protected]
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