Domestic Market:
Xia Dongliang +86-13906127738
Foreign Market:
John Chiang +86-15961106108


Talent strategy has always been an important part of Xia Qing's development strategy. "Knowing people make the best use of talents" is the aim of Xia Qing's employment. "Attracting talents and developing talents" is the consistent guideline of Xia Qing and also the core of Xia Qing's talent strategy. In the growing process of Changxia, first-class talents laid a solid foundation in the industry pioneer.

People-oriented "is an important concept of Xia Qing's corporate culture, talent is the first resource, is the development of the enterprise, the basis of competition in Xia Qing, a vast space for personal development, excellent personal growth environment, effective performance appraisal incentives Mechanism, a wealth of corporate culture and generous benefits; in Xiaqing, a set of scientific talent recruitment, selection, use and development of human resources management system All of this makes every ideals and capable people can In their respective positions enjoy playing to achieve self-ambition!

Add: 3# Hengluolu, Henglin town, Changzhou, China, 213101
Domestic Market: Xia Dongliang, Mob: +86-13906127738
Tel: +86-519-88783621 E-mail: [email protected]
Foreign Market: John Chiang, Mob: +86-15961106108
Tel: +86-519-88721665 E-mail: [email protected]
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